Why I Write.

Just read this lovely woman’s post and found it to be entirely spot on when it comes to why we write. This is definitely worth a read.

Erin Haligowski

“Write hard and clear about what hurts.” Ernest Hemingway

This quote has been sitting in my soul for a few days. There’s something healing and cathartic about writing. About putting things out there–not just the happy-go-lucky things, but the hard, messy things of life. Because as often as this doesn’t feel like my real life anymore, it is. This is real life, and it’s full of things that are hard. When I saw this post on Instagram the other day, along with the quote above, I knew that it was time to share and process a little bit about why I’m writing more in this season of life than ever before:

“I’ve never been one to shy away from my vulnerability or to avoid speaking out about topics that often get buried deeply in the silence. I truly believe that when we embrace our vulnerability, we can live more authentic lives…

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