Day 3

July 19, 2016

Dearest Isaac,

Your Aunt Izzy got me this journal so that I can write to you while we wait for yours to arrive in the mail.  Losing you has woken up some dormant part of her that has been missing while she has been sick.  It may not last, but listening to her sing has been nice these last days.  I’m sure she would have sung to you all the time and you would have loved it.

Today was hard (not shocking).  It felt like all of my motivation just disappeared.  I know it will pass and that you wouldn’t want me to feel this way.

I think we are going to plant oak trees for you.  They’re big and strong and live on for so long -just like our memories of you.  I hope you love them.  Speaking of your taste – your daddy informed me that your favorite color would be red.  Your daddy loves red.  I sometimes wonder if he loved red before he joined the NC State Wolfpack.  I do know that you were going to be the cutest, sweetest wolfpack fan there ever was.   You are Mommy and Daddy’s cutest, sweetest everything.  We love you.



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